Year President Theme
2014-2015 Joan Wells Light up Rotary
2013-2014 Frank Pezzimenti Engage Rotary, Change Lives
2012-13 Colin Duff Peace Through Service
2011-2012 Charles Garcia Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
2010-2011 Frank Katalinic Building Communities, Bridging Continents
2009-2010 Julie Harris The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
2008-2009 Mike Kenny Make Dreams Real
2007-2008 Colin Duff Rotary Shares
2006-2007 Keith Roffey Lead the Way
2005-2006 Keri Sweet Service Above Self
2004-2005 Barry Thompson
DG 1985-1986
Celebrate Rotary
2003-2004 Joan Wells Lend a Hand
2002-2003 Garry Metcalfe Sow the Seeds of Love
2001-2002 Trevor Withnall Mankind is Our Business
2000-2001 Veronica Necyporuk Create Awareness. Take Action
1999-2000 Trevor Walton
Allan Sweet
Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity.
1998-1999 Warren Bond Follow Your Rotary Dream
1997-1998 Veronica Necyporuk Show Rotary Cares
1996-1997 Ken McMillan Build the Future with Action and Vision
1995-1996 Terry Martin Act with integrity, Serve with love, Work for peace.
1994-1995 Allan Sweet Be a Friend
1993-1994 Russell Duncan Believe in what you do. Do what you believe in.
1992-1993 Peter Meredith Happiness is helping others.
1991-1992 Mark Dayhew Look beyond yourself.
1990-1991 Russell Brideson Honour Rotary with faith and enthusiasm.
1989-1990 Trevor Withnall Enjoy Rotary.
1988-1989 Tony Blazek Put life into Rotary-your life.
1987-1988 Mike Koder Rotarians-united in service-dedicated to peace.
1986-1987 John McGregor Rotary brings hope
1985-1986 Peter Meredith You are the key.
1984-1985 David Edmunds Discover a new world of service.
1983-1984 John Milne Share Rotary-serve people.
1982-1983 Barry McConville
DG 1994-1995
Mankind is one, build bridges of friendship throughout the world.
1981-1982 Barry Thompson
DG 1985-1986
Understanding and peace through Rotary.
1980-1981 Bert Van Dam Take time to serve.
1979-1980 Ron Tilbury Let service light the way.
1978-1979 Keith West Reach out.
1977-1978 Ron Thomas Serve to unite mankind.
1976-1977 Bruce Dunlop I believe in Rotary.
1975-1976 Gae Peluso To dignify the human being.
1974-1975 Jim Stanford
DG 1979-1980
Renew the spirit of Rotary.
1973-1974 John Barnard A time for action.
1972-1973 John McGregor Let’s take a new look and act.
1971-1972 Gordon Taylor Good will begins with you.
1970-1971 Gordon Parker Bridge the gaps
1969-1970 Tom Carr Review and renew.
1968-1969 Vince Smith Participate !
1967-1968 John Ross Make your Rotary membership effective.
1966-1967 Bob Stewardson A Better World through Rotary.
1965-1966 Les Conley Action, Consolidation and Continuity.
1964-1965 Bill Austen Live Rotary.
1963-1964 Bill Short Meeting Rotary’s Challenge in the Space Age.
1962-1963 Frank Cope Kindle the spark within.
1961-1962 Bert Tyson Act. (Aim for action, Communicate for Understanding, Test for Leadership)
1960-1961 Dominic Adcock
D. Durkin
You are Rotary –Live It! Express It! Expand It!
1959-1960 Ralph Snodgrass Vitalize! Personalize! Build Bridges of Friendship!
1958-1959 Bob Mather Help shape the future.
1957-1958 Michael Cannon Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve